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Cigarette Leave, Then What happened!

Cigarette Leave, Then What happened!
Hello Friends We are here to quit smoking memories and I hope to tell you everything that is happening in you one day you will quit smoking and a comfortable breath of life will be tightly connected.
How was the first time I stopped smoking
11: 03: 2017
At 16:20 am, I was smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day before that. At about 16:20 on Saturdays, I had a vomiting and sourness in my mouth. I was smoking cigarettes at that time and 2 packs of cigarettes. Also 4 branch cigarettes were still in my pocket. At that moment I realized that it was time to quit smoking. I once again understood that if I did not let him go, he would leave me. First thing I did was give two pack smoking cigarettes. Sora from that day I never smoked a cigarette I did not mind because I had a taste of sour bite. I have not even smoked cigarettes and I skipped the first day on that tab.

I quit smoking What happened after that.
12: 03: 2017
Smoking is on the 2nd day What kind of Problems and Cigarettes have I had to mention. Yes, friends quit the cigarette What kind of problems I experienced on the second day. At first I want to smoke constantly you want something like this or you are constantly about to make cigarette smells come to want more cigarettes to the brain because that nicotine is not cleaned constantly from the need for constant smoking. I feel like I’m going to love you very much because I do not drink like nothing because I would never be innocent or I’d be worse if I was singing alone. If you’re drinking two packs normally I would ask the virgin, that this fear and anxiety have definitely settled on the cigarette once, so why not put it on the card when it is a very important place that I am not going to drink once it has already been replaced. Do you live in fatigue and so on without any fatigue when you leave the message in the morning? For you, of course, a very nice second day is over this way friends will continue to write and inform you every day here. God willing. Smoking cessation ways smoking cessation ways.

How to stop smoking
How to stop smoking
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